YOWAPEDA SPOILERS. (Spoilers if you only follow the anime and english scanlations. Otherwise, it’s trivia) Friend on twitter asked me if Makishima’s brother being a fashion designer or not was a headcanon, and then things exploded. www

Source is from a friendly twitter who gathered up all the info that Watanabe-sensei talked at an autograph session about the characters. You can view here. If you also browse through the #pedal night hashtag on twitter, you’ll see lots of other stuff!

Since the info is from twitter, a warning that there may be mistakes, and Watanabe-sensei may choose to change his ideas in the future! So nothing is really set in stone.

Bold parts updated 08/09/14! My comments in ((double parentheses))

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oh my gosh he felt a heat behind him and thought it was Sebastian that’s so precious.


oh my gosh he felt a heat behind him and thought it was Sebastian that’s so precious.


Relationship development: S1 episode 10 vs. S2 episode 7 (◡‿◡✿)


Zakki x Haru


Zakki x Haru

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Yeah, I’m currently catching up with the manga… I think it has a total of 95 translated chapters so it won’t take me a long time to finish… i might have been affected by the recent ep because I truly DEEPLY want Sebantial and Ciel to be exclusively for each other. *sigh* I never expected to love this ship so much but here I am… *face palm*

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K I S U M I  S H I G I N O ❤️ || Free! 


‘Orenchi no Furo Jijou’ Anime Adaptation Gets Lead Cast Reveal

Orenchi no Furo Jijou Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Announced in early May 2014 for a debut this fall, it’s been pretty quiet when it comes to the anime adaptation of the manga series Orenchi no Furo Jijou, aka The Circumstances in…

Anonymous asked: know where I can download new songs full of makoto and haru

I’m on mobile so I’ll just reblog a post I saw awhile ago… I think there were links where you can download the chara songs… but please try to purchase the cd guys… Let’s boost the sales of the chara songs… so we’ll have more products to enjoy in the future.

And the recent Kuroshitsuji Ep…

I really have to accept the fact that Sebastian is a demon who won’t hesitate to seduce women to get what he needs… in order to fulfill Ciel’s orders.

I know it’s to be expected from the recent episode but… I really don’t feel comfortable watching that scene with Beast… as IN I CAN’T INJURE IT UGH!

  • Nobunaga: I forgot where, but apparently men can get pregnant too. I heard that a man got pregnant in an experiment somewhere.
  • Yonaga: Then why don't you go try it out, Nobunaga-kun?
  • Nobunaga: !?
  • Yonaga: www During recording sessions, we'll see your belly get bigger and bigger. Then when we ask you, "Nobunaga-kun, whose baby is that?" answer that it's Tatsu's baby, okay?
  • Nobunaga: But that would just be me saying it, it wouldn't actually be his baby.
  • Yonaga: Just say that the baby is Tatsu's. Then say "Tatsu-san, please make me an honest man." www
  • Nobunaga: A DNA report would tell the truth.
  • Yonaga: Who would you want as the father, Nobunaga-kun? Whose baby would you want among the FREE! members?
  • Nobunaga: Ehhh, whose child…?
  • Yonaga: Yeah, whose genes do you want to pass on to the next generation?
  • Nobunaga: Oh, the next generation? In that case it has to be--
  • Nobunaga: Tsuda-san is great too but… I think everyone in FREE! are wonderful people. I think everyone's genes should be passed on to the next generation. So I'll have everyone's babies.
  • Yonaga: wwwwwwww
  • Nobunaga: I'll bear everyone's babies. Just leave it to me.